do u remember a black guy with lots of tatts lil shorter than you

… That’s basically every black boy in London I’ve ever met lol, need to be a bit more specific?

Why "crackedchinacup" ?

I like the metaphor of me being cup and spilling my life to the readers but I picked it mainly because it was random, the domain was free and the idea for the logo came within seconds of picking the name lol x



Hey Leomie ☺️ Any tips for starters in the modeling industry. Btw you looked incredibly stunning on the runway XO

If you go on my YouTube channel and blog I have loads of posts and videos that give an honest insight into the fashion industry and being a model :) get my ‘modelling from a young age’ YouTube video and the q & a video and my top ten questions answered post here > http://www.crackedchinacup.com/2014/07/your-top-ten-questions-answered/

YouTube: www.youtube.com/crackedchinacup

Blog: crackedchinacup.com


I adore your color

Thank you x